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Order of appeal of decisions made by the results of consideration indicating the contacts of responsible persons

Compliant against the actions (inactions) of administrative officials, and also on subject decision is submitted to the senior administrative official or the subject in order of subordinacy no later than 3 months from the moment when it was known to the judicial body and individual about commission of the action or acceptance of the decision by corresponding subject or administrative official. Missing the appeal terms is not the basis for the subject or administrative official to refuse petition consideration. The causes of terms missing are made clear while petition consideration on merits and might be the basis for refusal in allowance of petition.

In case of absence of senior administrative official or the subject or applicant disagreement with accepted decision of application is submitted directly to the court.

In accordance with p 1 Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 12, 2007 № 221 «Order of consideration of judicial bodies and individuals applications» applications answers must be valid and motivated in contents on the official language or the language of application with reference to Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to contain the concrete facts, rejecting or confirming the grounds of applicant with clarification their rights on compliant of decision accepted. In case of disagreement with the answer applicant has a right to address with written application, to address to Minister’s blog, to arrange an appointment to the Minister by the address: Astana, Mangilik el str., 32/1, tel.: +7 (7172) 74 11 78

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