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02.06.2018 г.
В Казахстане началось обучение граждан цифровой грамотности

Training citizens to digital literacy started in Kazakhstan

On June 1, 2018, the courses to train the public to digital literacy started in all regions in Kazakhstan.

To develop human capital as part of National “Digital Kazakhstan” Program, Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with “Zerde” Holding worked out the methodology and curriculums for training the public to digital literacy.

In the course of the action, the events are to be conducted this year on training the citizens in each region countrywide to basic competencies of digital literacy.

As part of implementing the “Digital Kazakhstan” Program, the curriculum on “e-Government and Public e-Services” course was developed, through which the citizens’ digital literacy is to be improved. In the period June through August 2018, around half million people will be trained to digital literacy by NIT JSC, KazPost JSC, ‘Zerde” Holding, and local governments.

Furthermore, launching the digital citizen service centers is planned in all regional center cities. Currently, the digital CSCs are active in Astana, Almaty, and Shymkent.

Such centers’ distinguishing feature is that there are the classrooms for digital training, with thematic classes as per the hourly schedule. Within 4 months 2018, over 3.6 thousand people have been trained in those classes. Since the year-beginning 2018, about 10 thousand people have undergone the training to obtaining digital services in both public and private education institutions (universities, colleges, etc.).

In collaboration with the government agencies concerned, the large-scale public awareness campaigns are conducted on National “Digital Kazakhstan” Program and on usage of the e-Government portal services in public spaces, such as shopping centers, railway stations, airports, courts, etc.

        The training will be conducted as follows:

  1. To “Basic Digital Skills”. Basic digital skills including confident use of PC and laptop, mobile devices, and Internet; data security and protection
  2. To “e-Government and Public e-Services”. e-Government usage skills including obtaining the needed public e-services online without leaving home.
  3. To “Open Government”. Open Government usage skills including usage of its four components, i.e. open data, open laws & regulations, open dialogue and open budgets.
  4. To “e-Commerce”. E-Commerce skills including those in purchasing, selling and promoting the goods and services online.

It should be reminded that within the period April-May 2018, the specialists from “Zerde” Holding, KazPost JSC, Government for Citizens Public Corporation, and NIT JSC conducted training the trainers throughout Kazakhstan who would subsequently train the citizens to digital literacy skills.  The training courses will be free of charge to anyone who wants to improve his/her competency on either 1 or 4 skills. To date, 880 certified trainers have been educated throughout the country.

The courses for citizens start on June 1, 2018 in all regions (in district centers, villages and townships) of Kazakhstan on the basis of schools and libraries. For details on time and venue in your region, please call 1414.

On the whole, it is planned to improve 8 million people’s digital literacy.

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