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26.09.2018 г.
Проактивная услуга по рождению ребёнка доступна на @EgovKzBot

The proactive childbirth service is available at @EgovKzBot

26.09.2018, National Information Technologies JSC informs of launching the proactive service: “Childbirth” in the e-Government portal’s Telegram bot.

From now on, the country citizens can, upon answering the EMS questions in @EgovKzBot, give a name to a newborn baby, apply for the birth certificate, get included in waiting list for kindergarten, and find out the amount of one-time payment of benefit.

After a user selects the above service in @EgovKzBot, he/she receives a greeting message on the childbirth, with request to fill in the desired name of the newborn.

Then he/she needs to confirm /modify and fill in the requested data (source of income< education background).

In follow-up of the information entered, a baby is assigned the IIN, after which the user receives a message containing the address of the district Civil Registry Office for obtaining the certificate along with medical abstract of childbirth.

Also, the message will additionally contain the parent’s or the guardian’s bank details. Applicant should select the verification of benefit.

After filling-in the data is finished, the user receives the message stating the amount of one-time payment.

The third part of the proactive service is the capability of putting the child into the waiting list for kindergarten, following the bot’s commands.

It should be reminded that the number of services accessible via Telegram bot, has reached 15.

Currently, over 24000 persons are subscribed for Telegram-bot, having made over 27000 requests since the launch thereof.


To obtain the services, you should get registered in the “Mobile Citizens Database”, i.e. link your phone number in the Personal Cabinet on the eGov.kz portal and run the bot in the Telegram on your gadget.

In case of any questions during obtainment of services via @EgovKzBot, you may apply to the Integrated Call Center which provides consultations to citizens over 1414 in the 24x7 free-of-charge mode.

National Information Technologies JSC is the Operator of e-Government ICT infrastructure and government Intranet, performs system engineering maintenance to central and local government agencies’  information systems, and is responsible for secure storage of byformation in the national databases (“Individuals”, “Legal Entities”, “Residential Address Registry”, “Real Estate Registry”, “e-Licensing”). Front office activities are related to the e-Government portal (egov.kz) and Open Government (open.egov.kz), mGov.kz application, @EgovKzBot, Integrated Call Center of the RoK 1414.

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