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11.09.2018 г.
Новый дизайн портала eGov.kz доступен для голосования

New eGov.kz portal design available for voting

11.09.2018, National Information Technologies JSC informs of launching the redesign of the eGov.kz portal.

The previous design was developed in 2012, and does not meet today’s realities.

Following the instruction from Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.Zhumagaliyev and Minister of Information and Communications of the RoK D.Abayev,  two variants of the home page interface  and of the inner sections of the portal’s mobile version were created.

Both versions of redesign have been made publicly available for universal voting which will last for 15 calendar days. Users will be able to study them independently and vote for the version they like.

The best version will be taken for working with a view to launching it as the final version of eGov.kz portal.

The link to the voting page https://egov.kz/cms/en/articles/redesign-voting

For reference:

While in the year-end 2016 the number of the registered users was 4.8 million, today it exceeds 7.8 million.

In average, 5741 services are rendered to citizens daily, with the average amount of daily payments being KZT 50 million, i.e. about 6 thousand transactions (5872) per month.

The portal is daily accessed by about 55 thousand persons, while monthly - over 1.6 million.

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