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10.09.2018 г.
Председателем правления АО "Казконтент" стал Думан Кожахметов

Duman Kozhakhmetov became CEO of KazContent JSC

To the position of Chairman of the Board of KazContent JSC, Duman Kozhakhmetov has been appointed.

Today, Vice Minister of Information and Communications Nurgul Mauberlinova introduced to KazContent JSC team the new CEO, Duman Kozhakhmetov.

Vice Minister also thanked the previous head of the Company Yevgeny Kochetov for the efficient work and professionalism.

Duman Kozhakhmetov graduated from Eurasian National L.Gumilyov University maforing in Public Relations and Moscow State M.Lomonossov University majoring in Mass Media Economy and Management. He had worked in KazMunaiGas Exploration and Production JSC, the Senior Assistant to General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and occupied senior positions in some private media companies.

Duman Kozhakhmetov is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English.

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