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23.05.2018 г.
В Алматы начал свою работу XV Евразийский медиа форум

In Almaty, the 15th Eurasian Media Forum started

At the opening ceremony of the 15th Eurasian Media Forum Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev read out the welcoming address from President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“It is a great honor to me to read out the address from the Head of State. Dear attendees, dear guests! My congratulations on opening the jubilee 15th Eurasian Media Forum! Annually, the Forum draws big audience of media professionals ready for open impartial dialogue on a widest range of issues. Today’s agenda, “15 years of evolution: how the world changes and how it changes us” is in sync with the Astana Economic Forum 2018 agenda and is very indicative of the aspects that enable the journalism community sharing opinions and coordinating positions on the most meaningful issues”, Dauren Abayev read out.

Eurasian Media Forum convenes more than 500 delegates from 60 countries every year. This time, the event has the slogan: “15 years of evolution: how the world changes and how it changes us”. Its key subjects are the global rebuilding of the world, the confidence crisis in contemporary world, and possible scenarios for countries’ interrelations, as well as the green economy concept.

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