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10.05.2018 г.
Стартовал прием заявок на участие во II Национальной премии в области печатной, радио и интернет - журналистики "Үркер"

Acceptance of applications for the 2nd National “Urker” Award in the field of printed, radio, and web-based journalism started

To the contest, the unique content published in 2017 is allowed. The Award applicants may be the journalists and editorial boards of printed media, web-based media and radio stations with content published/broadcasted before December 31, 2017. Applications acceptance will last for 31 days.

This year, the winners will be selected in the following nominations: best photo, best journalistic story, best analytical content, best journalistic investigation, best interview, best epistemic content about Kazakhstan, best international analytical content, best radio station  in Kazakhstan, best web-based media, and best nationwide printed media.

Moreover, the voting was launched for the experimental nominations. Among them, there are best blogger, best public page, best vine, as well as the best hype of the year.

The winners will be defined by the jury members through secret voting on the results of the expert evaluation of the contents received. The jury membership will include public figures and the high-skilled journalism professionals. The winners will get KZT 1 000 000 each and an “Urker” memorial statuette.

National “Urker” Award in printed, radio, and web-based journalism was founded in 2017 upon the initiative of Ministry of Information and Communication of the RoK with a view to identifying the talented journalists and creative teams, to recognizing their contribution i9n developing professional journalism and to attracting broad public attention to their creative activities.

The Award host: “Qazcontent” JSC under Minister of Information and Communications of the RoK.   

More information on the official website: http://el.kz/kz/urker-2018

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